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Golfcart Battery

Golfcart Battery

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Product Features:
1.Pb-Ca-Sn alloy,no Cd,environmentally-friendly
2.High purity raw material and patent EV deep cycle formula of AM
3.High performance AGM separator
4.Excellent cycle life and recovery performance during deep cycle use
5.Dry Charged &sealed construction and Maintenance free
6. 6V/8V/12V optional
Electric Bike、Electric Motorcycle、Wheelchair、Electric Tools、Golf car、Electrical tractor、Farm Equipment
Compliant Standards:
GB/T 22199-2008
Passed ISO9001、2001; ISO14001、CE certificate


 Daily maintenance of lead-acid traction battery
A. Daily inspection
1, the liquid surface: once a week to carry out a full inspection of the liquid surface (under high temperature        three days or so to fill a distilled water or deionized waters). If the electrolyte level is too low, it will lead to the battery plate, partition damage and shorten battery life. The liquid surface observation method: First opens adds the liquid cap, in below the liquid Cap bottom platform, indicates that the liquid surface is too low should replenish the water in time;

2, wiring column, wire, lid: Must often check the junction of the battery terminals, and wire connection at the      junction of the corrosion caused by oxidation, at the same time check whether the lid deformation, whether there is heating phenomenon.

3, Appearance: dirty battery surface will cause leakage, should keep the battery surface clean, dry.

B. Maintenance
1, fill the water: according to the prescribed level of liquid to add distilled water or deionized waters, not to extend the interval of water and add too much distilled water, too much will lead to the proportion of decline, overflow electrolyte, and thus corrosion box and cable, affecting battery life or leakage.

2. Charge: The battery will produce gas during charging, keep the charging place well-ventilated, there is no open fire around, and the oxygen and acid gas produced during charging will affect the surroundings. During charging, unplug the charge plug will produce arc, should be filled with motor close to unplug the plug. After charging a lot of hydrogen in the battery, do not allow any open flame, should lift the battery on the cover plate to charge.

3. Balanced charge: The battery pack should be a balanced charge each month (that is, a small current for a long time) to maintain the battery capacity and prolong battery life.

Balanced Charging Method:
First the battery to normal charge, to be charged complete, press the balanced charging file, 24-36 hours of continuous charge is advisable. In a balanced charge, the voltage, density and temperature of each battery shall be measured and recorded, and the density and liquid level of the electrolyte should be adjusted to conform to the specification of the instructions before the charge is completed.

4, wiring column, wire (connecting plate), cover maintenance: must be designated by the manufacturer of professional and technical personnel to carry out.

5, clean: The battery should keep the surface clean, such as surface dirt will lead to short circuit, also can cause pole column and connection strip corrosion. Please use wet cloth when cleaning, otherwise it will produce static electricity. such as the bottom of the leak-free hole, as far as possible to avoid water flushing, so as to prevent excessive corrosion in the box, such as the bottom of the leak hole can be used in the open water slowly flushing.

C. Custody
1, the safe place: cannot make it short circuit, because the rain caused short circuit may produce the fire, and may produce the small amount of hydrogen, therefore must store the battery in the ventilated, the cool place.

2, used batteries: waste batteries still have electrical energy, should be in accordance with the use of storage methods of battery storage.

D. operation of Electrolyte
1, check the specific gravity: the use of suction-specific gravity meter to check the specific gravity of the operation, do not let the electrolyte splash out, and to wear good protection equipment.

2, in addition to inspection operations: should be consulted to professionals, especially when the electrolyte.

3, electrolyte leakage: As a result of battery dumping, damage caused electrolyte leakage, should be immediately urgent treatment.

E. Operation of Battery at the end of life cycle
1, the end of Life battery operation: Battery close to the end of life, the cells in a single cell of the electrolyte cut very fast, should be replenished daily distilled water.

2, waste battery treatment: For used batteries, extract electrolyte, the battery decomposition. May negotiate whether the battery manufacturer recycles.

F. Other Precautions
1, the battery pack has the high voltage, has the electric shock the danger, the maintenance and repair please bring the insulating gloves.

2, the use of the battery temperature can not exceed 60 ºC.

3, the battery surface can not store any maintenance tools or other metal items.

4. When the current drops below 80% of the initial capacity, the new battery should be replaced according to the results of the periodic spot check.

5, electrolyte splash on the skin or eyes: Rinse with a lot of water, and then accept the treatment of professional doctors.

6, electrolyte splash to clothing: Immediately take off clothes, rinse with water and then rinse with weak alkaline soap.

7, electrolyte leakage: electrolyte leakage to the outside, immediately with lime, strong carbonated soda or soda and so on neutralization, and a large amount of water rinse.


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